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Here are some of the common questions we receive. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please see our FAQ page or contact us on the phone or chat– we will be delighted to help!

Contact a mortgage broker when you are interested in buying a particular property and you need some guidance through the whole process.
Click here if you are buying a property for the first time

No, with the right amount of deposit in hand it is not that hard after all unless your current circumstances are complicated and that is why we are there to help! Click here for more info on getting a mortgage

Yes, you can. There are few lenders who will consider limited company directors with 1-year history.
Please click here to know more Self-Employed Mortgages | WIS Mortgages | Mortgage Advice

Yes, this is possible. Generally, lenders will ask final accounts for 2 years. However, there are lenders who will consider 1-year final accounts as well.
Please click here to know more Self-Employed Mortgages | WIS Mortgages | Mortgage Advice

Yes, you can. Even as a new contractor you are eligible to apply for a mortgage. If you have sufficient deposit and good credit scoring you can secure a mortgage. Check more info here.

The answer is no. You will still be eligible to obtain a mortgage. Check more info here.

Yes, both British Expats and foreign nationals can now apply for mortgages when buying properties in the UK. The application procedure is different, and you need specialist advise from an experienced mo0rtgage advisor. Check more info here.

It depends on factors such as income, credit history, existing credit commitments, and number of financial dependents. Also, other factors such as suitability of the property as security.

Why WIS Mortgages?

No Broker Fees

We get paid by the banks, so we don’t charge you any additional fees (not only on this mortgage but for any future mortgages)

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Fully Digital Solution

We offer a complete online mortgage service. But our friendly advisers are always on hand to help should you need it

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Out of hours service

We’re always available to assist you, including evenings and weekends

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The most suitable deal

We compare over 1000 products from 90 different lenders to find you the most appropriate mortgage

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Lifetime Tracking

Our tracker compares your mortgage every day and will let you know if you could be on a better deal

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Your mortgage online

Our fully digital solution means you can manage your mortgage application online 24/7

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Fully qualified brokers

All our brokers CeMap qualified and are from financial services backgrounds

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We use our wealth of experience to find you the most appropriate mortgage no matter your financial circumstances

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