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WIS Mortgages was initially set up to provide mortgage advice to existing contractor clients of its sister company WIS Accountancy Ltd and to secure mortgages based on clients’ day rates. It now handles its own contractor clients independent of its tax and accountancy roots.

Working alongside tax advisors of our sister company and together with the specialized knowledge and backing of Blueberry Wealth, WIS Mortgages prides itself on fully understanding contractors’ needs and matching their own bespoke requirements to the best possible products available.

Why choose WIS Mortgages?

WIS Mortgages provides whole of market advice to contractors and has developed relationships with leading banks and other lenders giving our clients access to a spectrum of mortgage products.

By choosing WIS Mortgages you can be rest assured you will:

  • Secure the best bespoke mortgage based on your day rate
  • Deal with a team that has wealth of experience working with contractors
  • Receive the best rates and in most cases a tax-efficient Insurance Policy to suit your circumstances.
  • Have access to tax-efficient buy-to-let solutions to suit your circumstances.

Contractor mortgages

A bespoke mortgage to suit your needs

It’s simple. We are able to arrange a mortgage based on your day rate mentioned in your contract! This approach gives the lender a true picture of what you earn, rather than what you draw from your limited company or what is stated on your payslips, so you may be able to borrow more than you thought. Moreover, you could potentially walk away with a much better interest rate!

Call us on 0203 0111 898 to find out more.

Remortgages Services
Whether you are trying to save money by finding a better rate or looking to release equity, remortgaging is often seen as difficult and expensive but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here at WIS Mortgages our team of specialists will guide you through the process to ensure you find the best deal to suit your contractor needs.
Buy to Let Mortgages
Buy to Let
For years we have heard negative feedback from our accounting clients that Buy to Let mortgages are difficult to get for contractors. We at WIS Mortgages don’t believe this is the case anymore.

It is very important to understand the tax implications of getting in to this area. But with the combined knowledge of WIS Accountancy and Blueberry Wealth, we are better placed to guide you in this area.
First Time Buyer Mortgages
First Time Buyer
Getting on the property ladder for first time contractor buyers has always seemed an intimidating and overwhelming process. Here at WIS Mortgages our team of specialist advisers can take away the stress by guiding you through the whole process step by step. We will help you find and secure a mortgage to suit your contractor needs, so your dream of owning your own home can become a reality.
Buy to let via Limited Liability SPV
Buy to let via Limited Liability SPV
If you have substantial amount of funds in your contractor company account and serious about being a property landlord this may be the route for you. With recent tax affecting landlords, we have seen an increase in our contractor clients taking this route. We are pleased to announce that we have developed relationships with few banks who can offer this facility now. Given our Accountancy background, you can safely talk to us about tax rules surrounding this area.
So what does this all mean to you?

Gone are the days of SA302s and you can forget about what the accounts of your limited company or payslips show, we will work solely off your contract rate alone, meaning that you can borrow up to 5x your annualised contract rate. A good proportion of our clients receive a mortgage offer even with less than a year of contracting. Fantastic isn’t it!

Help is at hand and be ready to be amazed!! See how much you can potentially borrow towards your next home.

How much can you borrow?

For an estimate of how much you can borrow, just set the slider to your day rate in our calculator


Potential borrowing:

Credit will also be subject to status.
This may vary based on your personal circumstances such as financial commitments and credit scoring used the lenders.

Contractor Protection

Tax-efficient Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance for Contractors

What’s surprising is that most Life Insurance policies and Critical illness covers are not tax free which means your company cannot allow these as tax deductible expenses. However, we are able to source insurance products that are tax allowable and paid for by your limited company! This means a potential saving of over 40% if you are a high taxpayer. Furthermore, the cost of such bespoke policies is not much extra to any comparable insurance products.

Talk to us about Critical Illness Cover that can now be bundled with Relevant life giving you more tax savings! Our bespoke products are not available on a price comparison website.

Call us on 0203 0111 898 to find out more.

Relevant Life
Relevant Life
If you are a contractor working through your limited liability company, you can save corporation tax on your life insurance with a Relevant Life policy. At WIS Mortgages, our Consultants are qualified and trained to all aspects of Life Assurance. We will carefully review your personal circumstances now and your aspirations for the future. We will make a recommendation that gives you the peace of mind and the security your family and loved ones need. Relevant Life insurance therefore works very well for contractors, as not only do you save on your tax bill but your loved ones receive 100% of the payout.
Income Protection
Income Protection
Just imagine if you are unable to work and the negative impact it would have on your family. We can also offer income protection policies for contractors to prevent such adverse events.

Whilst permanent employees have the benefit of at least three months pay in the event of accident or sickness, as a contractor you do not have access to such perks. Unfortunately, that’s the sad truth.

There are ways that you can protect yourself from hardship. You can maintain your current standard of living by setting aside a monthly figure towards an Income Protection policy. These policies will support you financially if you are unable to work and can even maintain your standard of living through to retirement if you suffer a more serious illness or accident.

Benefits are tax free when premiums are paid personally or taxable when paid through your company. If your company pays the premiums they are classed as a legitimate business expense and are without benefit in kind costs to you.
Critical Illness
Critical Illness
Han you think of a friend or a family member who has become seriously ill, how about a friend of your parents? One in five of us will suffer a critical illness. Most of us think that the good health we enjoy now will stay with us forever. Unfortunately, statistics suggest the odds are stacked against us. Statistics confirm that one in five males and one six females will suffer a serious medical complaint at some stage in their life.

Critical Illness Cover is designed to pay a capital sum or monthly income once you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness allowing you have financial peace of mind whilst focusing on getting back to full health. For contractors, this is welcome news as some bespoke insurance products are tax deductible and so you save on Corporation Tax.
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Refer a friend

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About us

Ifthikar Mohamed is the principal Mortgage Consultant at WIS Mortgages.

He has the highly regarded accreditations in the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Ifthikar is backed up with the support from Blueberry Mortgages, an FCA regulated mortgage advisor, which is at the forefront of the mortgage industry. In providing regulated advice to clients, Ifthikar acts as a Registered Individual of Blueberry Mortgages.