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Aspiring for £100K+ Income With a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

Aspiring to make more than £100K per year as a mortgage and protection broker while maintaining a healthy work-life equilibrium? WIS is your ideal choice!

At WIS Mortgages, we make use of an ever-growing network of mortgage advisers to deliver our services - and we're always looking for new talent throughout the sector. This allows us to stay competitive and continuously improve on our unique approach, while also providing significant benefits for our many broker partners.

We understand the administrative difficulties that often come with advising about mortgages; which is why we want to help you by streamlining your processes where possible. As an award-winning intermediary, we have a broad wealth of experience in managing mortgage advisers and are happy to help you reach new clients.

How WIS can help mortgage advisers

Our role is always to provide the best possible deal for each side of a mortgage transaction. A key part of this is making sure you have a complete understanding of buyers and clients, including their ability to repay whatever they borrow, allowing you to always make informed advisory choices.

On top of this, we provide general administrative help to mortgage advisers - especially in the contexts of case integration and sourcing. The more we're able to take care of on your behalf, the more time you can devote to each client or case; this improves the overall quality of your advice.

The admin support team at WIS Mortgages aims to streamline your services as an adviser - which in turn helps you find time for additional clients each day. We can also use our comprehensive network to connect you with these new clients, resulting in a sharp increase in business across the board.

Experienced, award-winning mortgage intermediary

It's important that mortgage advisers have intermediaries and partners who understand their service and can support their unique needs. WIS Mortgages has years of industry experience in every part of the mortgage sale process; we use this knowledge to help our advisers develop their service even further.

With this field being highly competitive, it can be difficult for advisers to grow; we specialise in helping advisers gain a deeper understanding of the mortgage industry. With our award-winning experts on their side, they can significantly improve their profitability and expand their advice into other in-demand areas.

Our other partners include industry leaders in the provision of mortgages - which allows for an inclusive range of solutions that benefit clients. For example, depending on the client's unique needs, our network could offer best-of-breed protection and exclusive deals, increasing the options available to both advisers and buyers.

Reach your business goals with WIS Mortgages

As part of our administrative support, we provide our advisers with training to ensure they consistently uphold the industry's high standards and can stay up-to-date with the relevant advancements. Our bespoke assistance identifies any skills you could benefit from improving, helping you deliver a high-quality service.

The WIS Mortgages network also allows you to access a number of events across the industry which could help you refine your skills even further. These events can also connect you with potential clients, letting you build a rapport that establishes yourself as an expert adviser with much to offer.

We're happy to accommodate any unique requirements your service might have - allowing you to grow in the direction that's right for you. Our long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships are an opportunity for advisers to refine their consultations and generate new leads and partnerships of their own.

Why choose WIS Mortgages?

There are various reasons why sellers, buyers, and advisers choose to work with us; the strength of our service over time has been a key component of this. Our paraplanners streamline many of the tasks that advisers face, so they can focus their efforts on delivering the advice itself.

At WIS Mortgages, we aim to be a one-stop shop for financial services of all kinds, with our experts specialising in accounting and protection alongside mortgage provision. Recruiting external CeMAP-certified advisers helps us secure high-quality talent across the industry that blends well with our own approach.

WIS Mortgages provides numerous benefits to its partner advisers, allowing them to develop their own services and skills while accessing a greater pool of clients. For more information on our mortgage adviser partnerships, or to begin as one of our recommended advisers, you can get in touch with us today.

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