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Can you help with buy-to-lets?

We can help with purchasing and remortgaging buy-to-let properties. We can access personal mortgages as well as mortgages for Limited Companies and special purpose vehicles (SPV).

If you are looking to secure a buy-to-let mortgage, your affordability will be based on the size of your deposit and the forecast monthly rental income, rather than personal income.

Lenders will typically require a minimum of 25% deposit and a minimum monthly rental income to assess affordability for buy-to-let properties. If the monthly rental income is low, we can look at top-slicing as an option.

Our advisers will assess your affordability and make recommendations.

We also recommend that you seek tax advice if you are taking this route. A specialist advisor will work out the best structure for your business, based on your circumstances. They can also set up a Limited Company or Special Purpose Vehicle for you.

At WIS Mortgages, we work closely with tax specialists at our sister company WIS Accountancy, so we are in the perfect position to advise you on the best business model for you.

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