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Last Wills

Making plans in advance for a time when you will not be alive could prevent your family from experiencing unnecessary distress, emotional and financial hardship. The only way to put your mind at ease, to make sure that your loved ones are well taken care of, and to ensure your assets are protected, is to act in a timely manner and have your Last Will drafted by a professional.

Writing a Last Will not only helps you control how your estate will be divided after your death, it also enables you to leave behind specific bequests to whomsoever you wish or to even leave behind charitable donations. Your failure to have a Last Will in place, results in the distribution of your estate being pre-determined by the law.

Writing a Last Will may seem a daunting task and the legislation on inheritance makes it appear complicated, however, we at WIS Accountancy, recognize its importance to you and are here to help you understand, guide you and to make the process simple and straightforward.

Our team are happy to provide you with expert advice in your best interests, tailored to suit your needs taking into consideration your personal circumstances. We provide professionally drafted wills ensuring all your affairs are handled with care and that your estate will be divided in accordance to your wishes

We also offer a range of additional comprehensive professional services at affordable prices which you may choose to add to your standard Last Will such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Estate Planning Services.

Lasting Power of Attorney

There may come a time when you lose the ability to communicate or make decisions for yourself or find it difficult to manage your affairs. It is important to consider setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney in advance of that time, as it can make things a lot simpler if and when that time comes.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document whereby you could expressly grant permission to any other individual (your 'attorney') to make decisions on your behalf, manage your welfare or look after your personal affairs. Having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place helps you feel secure knowing that should you lose your ability to make decisions for yourself, that someone you trust has been granted authority to act in your best interest and take care of matters such as choices to be made over a course of medical treatment or care, paying your bills, taking decisions about your assets and belongings or even handling your finances. In the absence of a valid Lasting Power of Attorney in place, your family would have to bear the burden of a long and expensive process of applying to the court for a deputyship order to make decisions for you. A Lasting Power of Attorney is not permanent and can always be cancelled at any time.

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