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we specialise in finding the right mortgage for you whatever your circumstances

Whether you are a first time buyer or looking for a better deal on your existing mortgage.

At WIS, we specialise in finding the right mortgage for you whatever your circumstances.
Whether you are a first time buyer or looking for a better deal on your existing mortgage, we can find the best mortgage for you.

We can arrange your mortgage online so:

Arranging the mortgage

You won’t have to take time off work to arrange your mortgage


There’s no need to wait for an appointment with your bank

Face to face

You won’t need a long face-to-face interview

Here's How it Works

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Let us Know Your Circumstances

In order to find you the best deal, we will need some basic information about your circumstances. The process is quick and easy and we will not need any detailed personal information or evidence. We will not do a credit check at this stage.

Find me a mortgage
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Get the Best Deal

We will search through a comprehensive database of available mortgages to find the right deal for you. We have access to over 1000 products from 90 different lenders so you can be sure we can get you the best mortgage available.

If you need any further advice or want to look for a different deal, give us a call.

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Apply Online

Once you are happy with the deal, you can apply online or by phoning us.

You can use Open Banking to provide your lender with all the financial information they need. This saves you time as you will not need to send off financial information such as payslips and bank statements.

You can also use Online Identification to verify your identity, making this process quick and easy too.

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Complete your Mortgage

If you have applied online, we will give you a call to go through the application to make sure we have everything correct.

We will then submit your application.

We’ll keep you updated about the progress of your application. You can also log on to our software to see how things are progressing.

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After Completion

Once you have completed your mortgage, we’ll still be on hand to help at any time.

Our tracking system checks your mortgage every day to ensure you always have the best mortgage deal possible. We’ll let you know when it is a good time to remortgage - saving you time and money.

We do not charge any broker fees as the banks pay us. This is true for any mortgage you take out through us now, or in the future.

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Life Insurance

Mortgages are major financial commitments. If you were to become terminally ill or die, your family could have their home repossessed. We offer competitive life insurance products that pay out a lump sum if the worst happens, enabling your loved ones to pay off any outstanding mortgage and continue to live in their home.